Saturday, April 23, 2011

10 Things...

We started this post trying to come up with 10 things Elaine's looking forward to now that she's ten. She only came up with one.

So, we changed directions and asked her siblings, "What do you love about Elaine?" This is what they came up with...

1. I love to kiss Elaine on the cheek. ~ Aaron

2. Annie loves when Elaine reads to her at night when they are together in their bedroom. ~ Annie

3. Elaine loves shoes ! ~ Jonny

4. I love that mom tells Elaine to hug me. ~ Aaron

5. Eliane plays school with me. ~ Jonny

6. Elaine tries to climb up the tree. ~ Aaron

7. Annie loves that Elaine sleeps with her...Annie does not like it when Elaine is gone. ~ Annie

8. Elaine plays games with us. ~ Aaron

9. Elaine is kind to us...if she likes us. ~ Aaron
(That one made me true, so true.)

10. Elaine loves to go sledding with Jonny and me. ~ Aaron

I love Elaine's creativity...playing, drawing, ideas, activities, gifts...
I love that she is becoming a beautiful young lady.

I love that she loves to spend time with and just be with me.
I love to watch her sing and dance.

I love that she loves her friends and family.
I love that she will try new foods.

I love that that she doesn't worry about what she is wearing...yet. She just says, whatever you pick is fine.
I love that she loves to give gifts and would give everything she has.
I love when she finally "gets" things and understands them.

I love the fact that we are entering a new part of life. It scares me to have a pre-teen, but I am excited for this stage. ~ Mom

Elaine, you are loved so much. Happy 10th Birthday, Sweetie!

Love, Mom, Aaron, Jonny and Annie


Tina said...

Happy 120th monthiversary, Elaine! I love your giggle . . . it makes me smile!

Tina said...

BTW - What is Annie reading so intently in the last picture? Especially since it is more important that the picture.

Very funny.

Ruth said...

Annie was reading a flier that came in the mail. That was the best picture I could get. She would not look at me. Of course, I probably could have taken it out of her and learn. :)